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Biblical Interpretation
 Shovel Shack : Biblical Interpretation
Subject Topic: What About Abel? (Cain & Abel)
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Extreme Digger
Extreme Digger

Joined: Dec-28-08
Location: United States
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Posted: Jul-03-11 at 9:18pm | IP Logged  

I've noticed lots of people when reading scripture tend to feel bad for Cain (as opposed to Abel) because he was unable to please God with his sacrifices. They ask, " gee, why didn't God help him by giving him a tip on how to do it correctly?" But they overlook the fact that Cain killed Abel.

What about Abel? Where's the sympathy for him?

I have a hunch that Abel is a very important symbol representing us.

Any thoughts on this subject?

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Joined: May-20-02
Location: United States
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Posted: Jul-03-11 at 9:57pm | IP Logged  

Your hunch is in the right direction Justin. It
has been said before that the child [the product of]
of the flesh has always hated the child born of The


It is peace[the kind we long for] to know that my life patterns do not distract or derail the Living God"-Adam
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the shovel

Joined: Oct-01-01
Location: United States
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Posted: Jul-04-11 at 3:32am | IP Logged  

Hello Justin! :)

Good thought, bro. The same sentiment seems to hold true regarding many murder cases I've noticed. There just seems to be such an overwhelming plea on behalf of the injustice of taking the life of the one who killed the victim. And yeah, I've found myself feeling way more sympathy for the perpetrator usually to the exclusion of the same for the victim which of course, is the intended purpose of the defense.

I also think your hunch about our connection to Abel is quite insightful. :)



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Extreme Digger
Extreme Digger

Joined: May-25-05
Location: United States
Posts: 189
Posted: Jul-04-11 at 1:36pm | IP Logged  

Why didn't Genesis record that God perhaps did give
Cain the right "tip"....irregardless if he did or
didn't we can rest assured of one thing. Whatever
God judges is righteous.

I always feel sorry for the bad guy, because I know
I am really no different than him....but for some
mysterious reason God revealed his truth to
me...what a mystery....what grace.

So often I hear Christians asking, "What about the
good moral person...." I think Jesus pretty much
answered that question when he exposed the religious
leaders of his days that were so highly respected by
the masses. The good moral appearing religious
leaders already hated Jesus cause he cleaned out his
father's temple from the merchant crowd and then
exposed the religious elites that they were full of
dead men's bones who neither believed him nor Moses
whom they claimed to derive their authority...the
very Moses who spoke of the messiah to come.

Point being.....there are no good moral people. You
are either in Christ or you are not. Why he chose
and who he chose is a mystery that only God knows.
Ever so often, God gives me the opportunity to be
his messenger to others. What a priviledge.


"We are not on the road to success...we are on the success road." Coach Frosty Westering
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Joined: Jul-18-06
Location: United States
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Posted: Jul-05-11 at 12:30pm | IP Logged  

enjoying this discussion! 


"afterall, he's not a tame lion"
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