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Subject Topic: marriage union
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Joined: Feb-07-07
Location: United States
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Posted: Jun-02-11 at 2:07pm | IP Logged  

Hey Jim and Adam. I listened to some of the marriage audio. great idea by the way. wish i had time to listen more. something stirred in me when jim said something about promises in vows basically a set up for failure because they get broken, then fingers can be pointed. the consideration that popped into my head was, does this mean that if the promises arent made, would the marriage rate be more successful? are the empty promises a huge part of failed marriages? if so, how does the mindset of "union" work better? I didnt catch the whole audio, so if these were addressed, i apologize. Im a little confused on what the union is and how contrary to "wedding vows", it better defines marriage.    thanks for the audio. love rick.


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Joined: May-20-02
Location: United States
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Posted: Jun-02-11 at 10:00pm | IP Logged  

Hi Rick,

Appreciate you giving some feedback here. What I got
out of the audio was not so much a formula or even a
way to fire proof a marriage but, more of a
testimony to something much more real.. something
building in us through His Spirit from day one. I
bet Jim might have a few things to say but, I will
let him approach that.

Hey we will be doing another one tomorrow night and
should be available sometime Saturday for you
listening pleasure.


It is peace[the kind we long for] to know that my life patterns do not distract or derail the Living God"-Adam
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