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Personal IC experiences
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Subject Topic: Joyfully Scripted
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Joined: May-24-09
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Posted: Feb-28-10 at 8:32pm | IP Logged  

On impulse, I went "to church" today. It was the first time I've attended an organized church meeting in a very long time... since... 2003 perhaps...? The music was amazing. How I have always loved the music and the rhythm and the words and the worship!!! I was mesmerized by the woman signing "I am a friend of Jesus." As they sang "free to dance" my feet did not stand still. A live band with the energy of the crowd so far surpasses anything I can listen to on the radio.

I used to be frustrated by the artificial constructs and the emotional manipulation, but today, it felt like going to live theater. Artists use careful coloring, placement, perspective, and other almost clinical techniques to draw your eyes, and evoke response. In theater and movies, background music increases our suspense and fear, careful lighting helps us pay attention to what we should, words are scripted, colors blend and audiences rise in standing ovation.

Art that doesn't move me doesn't interest me. Today I enjoyed the art of organized church. I wanted to feel passion and they delivered. It was scripted, carefully, planned, evoking response, totally fun.

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