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Subject Topic: Ugly Duckling
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Joined: Jun-21-07
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Posted: May-01-08 at 12:01pm | IP Logged  

For some reason this book has crossed my mind this morning.  I think it is one of those stories that reminds you that who you are on the inside is not always reflected on the outside.  Here is a part of the story, right before the duckling finds out he is really a swan - it describes his "feelings" - kinda being at the end of his rope.  I thought others may enjoy this as much as I do (wasn't sure where to post it -

'I will follow them,' said the duckling to himself; 'ugly though I am, I would rather be killed by them than suffer all I have suffered from cold and hunger, and from the ducks and fowls who should have treated me kindly.' And flying quickly down to the water, he swam after them as fast as he could.

It did not take him long to reach them, for they had stopped to rest in a green pool shaded by a tree whose branches swept the water. And directly they saw him coming some of the younger ones swam out to meet him with cries of welcome, which again the duckling hardly understood. He approached them glad, yet trembling, and turning to one of the older birds, who by this time had left the shade of the tree, he said:

'If I am to die, I would rather you should kill me. I don't know why I was ever hatched, for I am too ugly to live.' (Isn't that how we "see" ourselves sometimes?) And as he spoke, he bowed his head and looked down into the water.

Reflected in the still pool he saw many white shapes, with long necks and golden bills, and, without thinking, he looked for the dull grey body and the awkward skinny neck. But no such thing was there. Instead, he beheld beneath him a beautiful white swan!

'The new one is the best of all,' said the children when they came down to feed the swans with biscuit and cake before going to bed. 'His feathers are whiter and his beak more golden than the rest.' And when he heard that, the duckling thought that it was worth while having undergone all the persecution and loneliness that he had passed through, as otherwise he would never have known what it was to be really happy.
Illustrations can and do fall short to the LIFE we live in CHRIST, but I do love stories that reflect this LIFE. Enjoy





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Joined: Jan-24-08
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Posted: May-02-08 at 2:35pm | IP Logged  

Thanks for sharing  Nice to see this again in light of Life.


What do you see when you look at me? Not the visible me that your eyes can see. For in Christ I am dead, yet alive and free. Free to be it all, as he lives in me.
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the shovel

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Posted: May-02-08 at 4:23pm | IP Logged  

Yeah really ... I like it! :)


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