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Subject Topic: Not ashamed
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Joined: Mar-03-02
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Posted: Dec-13-11 at 5:44pm | IP Logged  

    I had a partial post written out, 'copied' it, went out with Dave, came back to 'copy' something else for our daughter-in-law, FORGOT that I had 'copied' my post to finish it here, and so LOST IT!  Frustrating! LOL!

    I started the day at work on Saturday morning in a pretty light-hearted state of mind.  I was going about the first part of the morning and my tasks with a focus, not really mindful of what the guests were talking about in the breakfast room.  The day before a wedding party had checked in, and so at about 9:00, a group of young 'party-ers' came in for breakfast. I had wished that they'd sat in a corner to talk with each other, but they sat at a table toward the center of the room, and close to the 'path' I walk back and forth to the small kitchen I use, and started talking with each other about what happened the night before (one of the girls had lifted her dress over her head to 'reveal' what was underneath, etc. and so the conversation went on). I felt an 'oppression' come over me.

    Later that night, my sister was over visiting.  She brought up a RELIGIOUS conversation she had had with another sister who said that 'the devil was trying to kill her" the night of her 'wrong-doing'.  She wanted me to validate her feelings about it.  I was still in a 'fog' from the morning before, couldn't get myself out it, and said "No, I'm not going to validate your feelings in this." The 'oppression' was heavier now.

    It was so encouraging to read the thread that Bill started, and all the response to it, but it was the comment Adam gave that resonated in clarity for me, because that's how I would look at it ,too.  'That' clarity, in a moment broke the oppression and brought to mind this:

     I am NOT ashamed of the gospel, for it is the POWER of God unto salvation for those who believe...(etc.)!  The 'oppression' lifted from me in an instant.

     What is the POWER of the gospel?  The POWER of the gospel, in the association with ourselves with Christ in his death and ressurrection is that of bringing us out of the the whole realm of death.  I am thrilled that Paul used the word "unashamed" in reference to the gospel, because SHAME, FEAR, and CONDEMNATION is the very realm that the POWER of the cross delivered us out of!!!! In uniting us with him in his death (past, present future sins) and the condemnation thereof, DEALT with and DONE away with, we are now in a realm and TRUE state-of-being where the attempt to trip you up, make you hang your head in shame snares of RELIGION, and the crummy, 'down-under' (that's the way I look at it) mess of the world isn't a part of our inheritance as 'beloved children of God" either!

     My sister came over today, and it was all CLEAR.  Telling a person that "the devil tried to kill you' is fear-laden and comes straight from the RELIGIOUS mind! (my sister told me that night she wanted to kill herself)  And HELLOOO!  That's supposed to be the GOOD NEWS to encourage her!?  NO! I told her that those were LIES and that for me, I don't care if she is a sister (the other sister)of family relations or not, the REAL line is drawn by the truth of the gospel, the gospel that tells her of the completeness of what He's DONE, and that that's where I'm living.  Well, I shared more, because truth was flowing out of me. LOL.  She went home ENCOURAGED.

      To Sherri:  Feeling better, Sherri.  Getting ready for Christmas has been easy, slow-going, simple (grace as I go;). light. I've been caring for my body: nutrition, supplements, etc.  Each day feeling a little better.

      Anyhow, wanted to share this with all.  's 's







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Joined: May-20-02
Location: United States
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Posted: Dec-13-11 at 10:56pm | IP Logged  

This is powerful.


It is peace[the kind we long for] to know that my life patterns do not distract or derail the Living God"-Adam
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Joined: Jul-18-06
Location: United States
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Posted: Dec-14-11 at 7:46am | IP Logged  

Thank you for this thread, McLady!    Indeed, very encouraging!  



"afterall, he's not a tame lion"
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the shovel

Joined: Oct-01-01
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Posted: Dec-14-11 at 12:50pm | IP Logged  

Mary, I am so glad to hear of the power of the gospel working in you! :)

Love, Jim


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