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Biblical Interpretation
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Subject Topic: Time Magazine: What if There’s No HELL?
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Joined: May-24-09
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Posted: Jun-04-11 at 8:47am | IP Logged  

Have you seen it?

At the gym... I grabbed for a magazine... Wow. Time Magazine's front cover shouted in large capital letters, "What if There is No HELL?" It doesn't matter what you believe about Hell. What the questions about Rob Bell's teaching implies about the sufficiency of Christ is worth the read.

"From a traditionalist perspective, though, to take away hell is to leave the church without its most powerful sanction. If heaven, however defined, is everyone's ultimate destination in any event, then what's the incentive to confess Jesus as Lord in this life? If, in other words, Gandhi is in heaven, then why bother with accepting Christ? If you say the Bible doesn't really say what a lot of people have said it says, then where does that stop? If the verses about hell and judgment aren't literal, what about the ones on adultery, say, or homosexuality? Taken to their logical conclusions, such questions could undermine much of conservative Christianity."


Things many Christian believers take for granted are more complicated than they seem. theology is the product of human hands and hearts. What many believers in the 21st century accept as immutable doctrine was first formulated in the fog and confusion of the 1st century, a time when the followers of Jesus were baffled and overwhelmed by their experience of losing their Lord; many had expected their Messiah to be a Davidic military leader, not an atoning human sacrifice.

If you haven't read it and want to, here's the link:,8599,2065080-1,00. html

Hugs from Becki

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the shovel

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Posted: Jun-04-11 at 6:20pm | IP Logged  

Of course, I think many things Christians believe are much more simple than they seem!    I've read a good portion of the article so far. It's got some good stuff in it.

Jim :)


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