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Subject Topic: The force be with you
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Joined: Oct-16-11
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Posted: Nov-05-11 at 3:03am | IP Logged  

       Living and learning, that's what i do. Oh yeah ,forgetting, I do that too. Thru the years i have learned some very powerful tricks if you will. They are not really tricks at all, but non-judgemental-reasoning (love).Use the Force Luke! Using the force is easier when we are no longer consumed with this life, but have let go.The first trick of the Force is very elementary, but oh so powerful! Forgiveness. Its is not dependent on if you are are right or wrong or if anyone apologized,those are civilian affairs, and not the concern of a good warrior!
     We all know that forgiveness is  a benefit for the forgiver, it is freedom ,it is the air that my wings push against, that allow me to soar.  Its been a while since I held great animosity against anyone, but there was a time! By adhering to this worlds logic I was was not wrong and and no court (law) would have found me guilty. Screaming at God, yes literally screaming,arguing my case with all the evidence and logic of this world, I heard him say forgive them, to which I replied NO. So continuing the argument and waiting for the reply I heard him say forgive them. To which I replied HELL NO.The third time I heard , forgive them, I knew this was the only answer I was getting from him. So I said I forgive them ,I didnt really forgive them I just said it to shut God up. ha ha ha. But by saying it it started to become real and my heart burst open , and my eyes  I began to soar to new heights. Yes yoda, the Force. Almost wrecked my landspeeder.

      Trick #2. Confrontation, No defense is the best offense.  When wrongly accused do not defend. Lets see, there is an example of this somewhere, someone wrongly accused and not defending themselves? The Force. Time out- let me break this down its that important . ALWAYS LET THEM HAVE THE LAST WORD!!!!!!   This is spiritual, by saying nothing and not defending myself I have had people approach me the next day with,pies, cookies, smiles, i love you's, and the day before they were angry birds? This is  the real stuff , not to take advantage of people or anything but once you understand it its not a fair fight anymore.This is the funk of Christanity, this is the power or the force, Love those who hate you, who tell lies on you, who mock you and wish you harm, after all even the people in the Church love those that love them.

   Thank you Lord for thinkin bout me im alive and doin fine!


Farther on further in!
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Joined: May-20-02
Location: United States
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Posted: Nov-05-11 at 12:01pm | IP Logged  

Thanks Brother, my the love of God rest well with you.



It is peace[the kind we long for] to know that my life patterns do not distract or derail the Living God"-Adam
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