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Subject Topic: Shack Problems?
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the shovel

Joined: Oct-01-01
Location: United States
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Posted: Mar-20-04 at 2:21pm | IP Logged  

Okeedokee, boys and girls ... for those of you experiencing problems with posting or accessing Private Messages, etc I have a couple suggestions.

The problems arise from the fact that in the past few days the whole Shovel web site has been transferred from one place to another, first one part, then another.  What this has done is to - how should I say it - CONFUSE our web browsers because of stored information regarding the whereabouts of the web site!!    I had to do both of these things yesterday because of similar problems.  As a note, you may want to try the second, which is the easier of these two remedies, first. 

1) Shovel Cookies
The Shack (as well as the Q&A and Shovel Writings) works off of a stored piece of info on your computer which enables your browser to know who you are when you come here.  It's how you login and stay logged in, how you know what new posts were added since last time, etc, etc.

a) on the main forum page there is a link near the bottom by which you can remove cookies set by the Shack.  Try this first.

Though this would normally always do the trick it might not because of the move so that the old cookie might not be recognized.  Computer-schizophrenia, perhaps!!  :)  So in case this doesn't work, try this:

b) delete the cookie on your browser manually.  No, it's not difficult.  - Internet Explorer you can find your cookies easily by going to the main button usually on the bottom left of your computer:
Start > Run > type in "Cookies" (no quotes) > then look for the one that has the word "shovelshack" in it.  Delete it.  You will, of course, have to re-login when going back to the Shack.
- Mozilla browser (Netscape, Firefox, Mozilla) you can find your cookie by going in your browser to:
Tools > Options > Privacy > Cookies > Stored Cookies.  Find the one (or more) for shovelshack and delete it.

This is far easier than it sounds, and even easier than removing the cookies!!    You may even want to try it first!  Because the IP address of the site has been altered it's IP configuration may be stored in your computer so that it creates that computer-schizoid behavior I previously mentioned.

Click your computer's Start button (bottom left hand corner of your computer screen), choose Run, enter "ipconfig /flushdns" and then click "OK".  That's it.


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