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Subject Topic: My head is spinning....
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Joined: Jan-22-10
Location: Canada
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Posted: Apr-03-10 at 11:41am | IP Logged  

Had a wierd conversation with someone last night.  They can't stand to be in worship on Sunday because the music is too loud, they don't like contemporary worship songs, want only old hymns at low volume and sung only once....Since this isn't the case they don't go in and sit in the atrium and thats frustrating her too because the music is too loud even there which interferes with their reading of..."prevention magazine". lol
I'm like well what are you doing there if you are not worshiping and simply reading a magazine?
Stunned silence and then well I'm a christian I'm supposed to be there.  Then lecture about why I'm not.  Does this strike anyone as absurd as it is to me.  Then she said she was gonna look for some super strong ear plugs as her current ones still let in the noise.
Its amazing to me how much man made religion turns ordinarily rational, thinking people into crazy people.  Do they really think they are pleasing God and earning points just by showing up without their hearts engaged.  Scary to think I used to be under that spell of doism too.  I don't do much these days...but at least what I do real.


Jesus loves me this i know, anything eles is up for grabs.
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Broken Link

Joined: Mar-11-02
Location: United States
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Posted: Apr-03-10 at 1:00pm | IP Logged  

I would've suggested to her that she buys some noise
cancelling headphones rather than earplugs. Of
course, then she'll have to keep an eye on her watch
so she doesn't read past the worship and into the
sermon. Or better would be to have a CD, cassette
(what are those?), or MP3 player with her hymns that
she prefers.

You know, we are all crazy for giving ourselves
credit for the things we do when the only thing that
justifies us is the life of Christ. If it was by
what we do or don't do, or even how we do it, we
could simply earn our way into the kingdom.


heretic - n 1: a person who holds beliefs in conflict with the dogma of the church.
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the shovel

Joined: Oct-01-01
Location: United States
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Posted: Apr-04-10 at 11:51am | IP Logged  

...under that spell of doism

Doism ... I love it! :)

The religious mind of the flesh IS absurd, but then, we do personally understand that, don't we? It's just like you said, we were there. And sometimes we still visit that insanity. Heather, I love witnessing your recognition of true salvation!



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