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Biblical Interpretation
 Shovel Shack : Biblical Interpretation
Subject Topic: Some thoughts I have been meditating on o
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Joined: Jan-24-08
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Posted: Dec-02-10 at 2:27pm | IP Logged  

I was so blessed when I came across this verse when I was translating it, because it speaks so powerfully of the judgment of God upon us, of what he sees when he looks at us, and how he holds our head in his chest, which is one of the most compassionate expressions we humans know of. Here it is as most translations render it:

You shall put in the breastplate of judgment the Urim and the Thummim; and they shall be on Aaron's heart, when he goes in before Yahweh: and Aaron shall bear the judgment of the children of Israel on his heart before Yahweh continually.
(Exo 28:30)

My translation of it, very literal:

Exo 28:30 and-you-had-given toward hushing-thing the-decision, YOU the-lights and-YOU the-completenesses, and-they-had-been-revealed ascended-upon inner-shepherd Aerun in-his-coming to-faces Ieue and-he-had-lifted-up Aerun YOU decision seeds-of-the-lengthened-place-that-reveals-the-Mig hty-One Isharal ascended-upon his-inner-shepherd to-faces Ieue ongoing.

I reworked it here to make it more understandable, with a few pieces of my own comments in []

Exo 28:30 And you had given toward the thing causing to hush [to be at peace like someone who is content] based upon the decision made of you [of the 12 precious stones also in the breastplate], all of that which is light, and you, all of that which is completed. They had been revealed to be ascended upon the heart of Aerun [Jesus] when he comes before the presence of Ieue. Aerun had also exalted this decision of the seeds of the tents of Isharal [that's all of those who belong to him] to be continuously upon his heart [your head pressed against his chest for total unconditional acceptance] in the presence of Ieue.

See how precious this otherwise obscure and ominous verse truly is? Oh that more would come to read this book, not as death, but as the life that it truly is.



What do you see when you look at me? Not the visible me that your eyes can see. For in Christ I am dead, yet alive and free. Free to be it all, as he lives in me.
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Joined: Mar-03-02
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Posted: Dec-02-10 at 11:39pm | IP Logged  


       This is beautiful, and illuminating!   And I am always thankful for the precious truth of Grace and Life!


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the shovel

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Posted: Dec-03-10 at 3:33am | IP Logged  


Thanks for this. I often consider the many things you have brought forth from your in depth study of the language. Keep it up, bro.

Jim :)


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