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Personal IC experiences
 Shovel Shack : Personal IC experiences
Subject Topic: famous IC one liners..
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Joined: Mar-03-04
Location: Canada
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Posted: Dec-26-07 at 12:08pm | IP Logged  

My skin crawls when I hear this statement, and I hear it often....."It's not about us...."

So begs the question ...then who is it about?  It's only you and me staring back at each other. When i "hear" and "see" the essence of what or why people make these statements it becomes clear that a borg mentality teaches it. They're all saying it. The sheep follow what they think it means. By making this 'about' someone else, we deprive ourselves while we "give our utmost for His highest".  It seems to give us permission to write each other off if we don't measure up to the one we think it's about, whoever that may be....Jesus or the different versions/pictures people hold very dear in their heads. I understand WHAT they are trying to say but it's so contrived...



friend of sinners
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Joined: Jun-21-07
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Posted: Dec-26-07 at 12:24pm | IP Logged  

I agree that it is contrived.  When I used to say that saying, I thought I was so humble which is great for the ego....It made me secretly proud to know that all my "sacrificing" wasn't about me but about Him.  Now when I used to say it, I don't think I realized how full of self-righteousness I was, but now I know it was full of stuff. (hehehe).  I don't know another's heart, but usually when I hear that saying it is not edifying.


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Joined: Sep-01-07
Location: United Kingdom
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Posted: Dec-29-07 at 5:10am | IP Logged  


It's about Jesus being us, but this is us isn't it? in Him and He is me; that's the whole point of the cross, the sacrifice, He's my humility to walk Him out in my life as He walks out in my life.


MAke sense?



' Oh Bondage, Up Yours' X-ray spex 1978 the purpose of man is to become truly human, Assisi
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Joined: May-20-02
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Posted: Jan-29-08 at 8:50am | IP Logged  

I think it might be the flesh hearing about the reality and trying to make sense of it and promote know kind of like the old testamat laws....


It is peace[the kind we long for] to know that my life patterns do not distract or derail the Living God"-Adam
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